Master Gardener’s Speakers Bureau

The St. Louis Master Gardener Speakers Bureau provides quality horticultural information as a public service. All speakers are Master Gardener volunteers who have completed the Master Gardener training under the direction of University of Missouri Extension.

Each year St. Louis Master Gardeners make over 100 presentations to garden clubs, schools, businesses, churches, neighborhood and civic organizations.  Presentations are typically 50-60 minutes in length. Also available are three walking and teaching tours of Missouri Botanical Garden’s specialty gardens and the annual orchid display.

Betty Struckhoff gives a Presentation
St. Louis Master Gardener Betty Struckhoff presenting her Native Plant program as part of the MG Speakers Bureau
Speaker Presentation or Missouri Botanical Garden Specialty Tour Fees:
$50.00 – garden, church, retirement groups
$75.00 – for-profit groups
  • Choose a talk from the Program Topics
  • Call or email that speaker directly. The speaker will explain the booking process and provide you with the combined Confirmation/Invoice form.

On the lower invoice portion of the Confirmation/Invoice form are directions for payment to St. Louis Master Gardeners. Return both the form and a check to the address given

For any issues or concerns related to the Speakers Bureau, please contact Betsy Alexander at or 314.961.8388.


Botanic Garden Arm Chair Tours

Ten botanical gardens are available for you to take an arm chair tour. Choose 3 of the listed gardens for your personalized adventure. They are all sites that have ben visited by Master Gardener, John Hensley.

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Chocoholic? even better a chocoholic gardener? Walk through the earliest history of chocolate, learn how it is cutivated and processed, and then consider ways to take your chocolate addiction into your garden with ‘chocolate’ plants.

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Fascinating Victorian Gardens

Gardening during the Victorian Period included a fern craze, orchid mania, lavish tropicals, intricate outdoor gardens.
The overall Victorian look is described as opulent. It included unique elements, several of which continue in use today as well as one that changed the the course of history.

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Flowering Shrubs

Would you like to add some color to your foundation plantings? Or add structure to a perennial garden? How about creating a focal point near the front door to welcome guests?

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Organic Gardening

Organic gardening promotes a healthy, sustainable environment. Enhance your gardening, your plants, and your life with these simple and effective techniques.

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Plants of the Bible

From Genesis to Revelations, there are numerous references to plants in the Bible. This is a presentation on plants that were important to the people of the Bible and are referenced in their stories.

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Problems Common to Perennials and Annuals

Trying to perfect your home garden to the Better Homes and Gardens ideal? It is frustrating to do all of the right things and then find insects and plant diseases challenging your best attempts. Learn about common garden pests and diseases and how to manage them using safe, sustainable tactics.

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Pruning Basics

Ever wonder the best time to prune that favorite shrub? This basic primer will help you determine the right tool for the job, the type of cuts to make, and when to prune certain flowering plants to ensure lasting beauty.

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Rain Gardening

What’s all the talk about ‘rain gardens’? The ‘Rain Gardening’ program gives an overview of the concept and outlines details for creating one in your home garden.

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