ABC’s of Honeybees

The principle focus of the presentation is honeybee behavior. Of course, it covers stings and honey. It starts with a who’s who and who does what in a ‘queen right’ hive. It discusses curious honeybee behaviors, including swarming, ‘waggle dance’, pollination and colony collapse, as well as an outline of specific resources to help forestall the impending demise of the region’s bee population.


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Marc Hartstein

Marc began his career as the Market Research Director at The First National Bank in St. Louis, before working at Anheuser-Busch, Inc for more than two decades. He is currently President of Hart Communications Inc., his firm helps client groups resolve conflict, using a proprietary, technological methodology to reach consensus.
Motivated by a long-standing intrigue of team dynamics, coupled with a fascination of all things outdoor, Marc has extensively researched the intraspecies behaviors of flocks, herds, packs, schools, troops, intrusions, colonies and swarms.
As an avid beekeeper, his interests have expanded to include interspecies symbiotic collaborations; initially, those between bee and flowering plant, and more recently, the mutually beneficial relationship between plant roots and the mycorrhizal fungi in soil.