Orchid Mania

In 19th century England, passionate plant enthusiasts searched the remote regions of the world to collect and cultivate exotic, new species, no matter the trial, tribulation or cost. Orchids possess a magic apart from all other plants, and their magnetism captivated wealthy Victorian Englishmen and other Europeans. No risk or cost was too great to possess a single orchid.


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Carol Gravens

Carol Gravens retired from a professional career as a microbiologist and is an Advanced Level St. Louis Master Gardener. She became a Master Naturalist in 2007 and has an AAS in Horticulture from STLCC, Meramec.
Carol gives talks and teaches classes on orchids to various groups in the community and at Missouri Botanical Garden as part of the Master Gardener Speakers’ Bureau. She volunteers one day a week in the orchid greenhouses at the Garden and grows orchids in her home in Glendale, Missouri. She also is a Kemper Center Plant Doctor volunteer.
She loves everything about horticulture and has a passion for orchids.