Gateway Greening

Gateway Greening has many projects where Master Gardeners can volunteer across St. Louis City and St. Louis County. Master Gardener’s are a vital part of this organization’s outreach to local community gardens and on-going projects. To volunteer and to learn about up-to-date volunteer opportunities, contact Manager of Outreach and Volunteers Megan Moncure or complete the online application on Gateway Greening’s website.

Gateway Greening is proud to support over 200 community and youth gardens. They are always thrilled to see what neighbors can do with a few tools, seeds, and a little bit of land. As part of Gateway Greening’s ongoing support, the Manager of Outreach and Volunteers sends groups of volunteers to these gardens for work days, and also helps individual volunteers find a local community garden that has a need. These gardens can include raised beds for vegetables, perennials, and fruit trees and shrubs.

Master Gardeners looking for a regular volunteer schedule, Gateway Greening’s Demonstration Garden is open each Saturday morning and is primarily maintained by local residents, volunteers, and Master Gardeners. Volunteer orientations are held on the second Tuesday of each month* at 10:00 AM, March-October. Please RSVP to Megan Moncure prior to attending. All volunteers are welcome to take home some of the produce harvested from the Demonstration Garden on Saturday mornings. The remainder is donated to local food pantries. *The May volunteer orientation will take place on May 5.

Project leader

2211 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Megan Moncure
Manager of Outreach & Volunteers
314.588.9600 x110