Compton Hill Reservoir Park

The Water Tower & Park Preservation Society works collaboratively with the City, the Water Division and surrounding communities to preserve the historic structures and to improve the park and gardens.

Compton Hill Water Tower is a late-19th century engineering masterpiece designed by Harvey Ellis and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. Built (1898-1899) on one of the highest points in the city it is flanked by the Naked Truth statue that celebrates the city’s newspaper heritage, a lily pond and walking paths. The building contains a standpipe that served as a pressure relief valve for the uneven pressure produced by the pumps of the city’s public water supply system. The tower was taken out of service in 1929 when the pumps improved.

We recruit volunteers from the Master Gardener program to help maintain our gardens, to help supervise large groups of volunteers from Operation Brightside and local Universities and we are currently recruiting a board level volunteer to oversee our garden volunteer program and help us implement the long term master plan for gardens.  To volunteer send an email to or use the sign-up form on our website,

Project leader

John Maxell

Patty Taillon Miller
Volunteer Coordinator