Welcome Gardeners

Our Mission

The mission of the St. Louis Master Gardener organization is to provide horticultural information and assistance to the public for community service and gardening pleasure through the volunteer efforts of Master Gardeners.

What we do

St. Louis Master Gardeners have been enriching our community since 1983. From a few people answering the help line at Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis County Extension service, our organization has grown to over 300 active master gardeners who volunteer at the Botanical Garden's Kemper Center as well as throughout the Garden's grounds and with community groups in the St. Louis region.


Fellow gardening lovers can find St. Louis area specific helpful information on a wide range of topics listed on the gardening resources page of this site and educational posts on STLMG Facebook page. Master gardeners stay current by attending continuing education classes and events posted on the members only calendar. Learn how to become a master gardener HERE.

Featured Plant

Amsonia hubrichtii

Amsonia hubrichtii or Arkansas bluestar was the 2011 Perennial Plant Association’s Plant of the Year.  This is a perennial that looks good almost all year round.  It has light blue terminal flowers in mid to late spring, bright green foliage with beautiful texture, and turns a golden yellow in the fall.

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Latest News

Plants Can Learn!

Plants are essential to our life, beautiful and complex but scientists are just now learning how complex they are.  Recent scientific studies have shown that plants can learn by association similar to Pavlov’s dogs and plants also have long term memory. 

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